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Netted Side Ventilation System

This system is designed to provide a high level air intake so that fresh air enters the structure above the crop and does not shock the plants. Being fixed at ground level, the curtain prevents draughts and "drying out" at the edges of the crop. 

Roll-up System

Roll up Curtain using Polythene or double coated PP Fabric, operated using manual gearbox and handle, alternatively these may be motorised incorporating thermostatic control.    

Multi Span Roof Ventilation

A roof ventilation system can be fitted using a rack and pinion system, either hand operated or motorised, which allows air to be expelled from the middle of the structure where "Hot Spots" may otherwise occur and simultaneously pull cold air in from the sides of the structure so providing an air current through the house.   

Fan Ventilation

Fans can be used to pull ar through the polytunnel to control temperature and eliminate stagnant air. This and the air movement created can lead to stronger and healthier plants. Fans are 48" wide and are used in conjunction with Air Inlets.


Ventilation Systems Leaflet

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