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Sheep Housing

National Polytunnels are at the forefront of the ever changing UK farming industry with our low cost Sheep tunnels. We offer inventive housing solutions to drive the productivity of your farming enterprise whilst offering  the most cost effective prices available.

With the benefit of over 25 years experience of housing livestock the FlockMaster range of sheep housing provides a cost effective way of creating an ideal environment to protect your flock.This experience has been utilised to create the optimum stress free surroundings for you and your animals. A shaded and well ventilated environment, with no dank corners where disease can build up.

The key benefits of the FlockMaster can summarised as:

-Increased lamb survival rates

-Saving time feeding & supervising your Flock

-Reduces food waste and keeps straw dry

-Cool, Dry and light

-Better working environment

-No dank corners where disease can build up

We offer four widths in the range at any length to accommodate your needs. The size of structure you require can be calculated easily, as a general rule a lowland sheep (Mule or similar) will require around 15 sq. feet whereas an Upland sheep (such as a Swaledale) approximately 12 sq. feet.

A central feed passage (a feature on the premium range) or walk through troughs are also available together with gates, enabling a fully integrated housing solution.

A range of roof cladding can be specified, the standard white polythene can be substituted by a green and white co- extruded polythene (sometimes a requirement in National Parks) or even a reinforced PVC cover. Ventilation is provided by a livestock mesh at the sides of the structure. With the FlockMaster plus and premium this is further enhanced by wire netting and timber kick rail.

At the ends of the structure the framework can be adapted to accept a variety of gates and doors. It can also be enhanced by the addition of snow braces depending on your site location. Whilst the FlockMaster can be quickly and easily erected by yourself (Drawings and full instructions provided), a full construction service is also available.


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