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Multi Spans

Our Multi Spans offer the following features:

  • Hoop to Ground Tube Locking and Tensioning System which provides full cover tensioning facility whilst locking hoop to ground tube.
  • Aluminium grip rail fitted to gutters as standard
  • No timbers used or drilling required
  • Heavy duty galvanised steel gutters give workable access
  • All multi spans available with straight sides vertical to 2.44m if required
  • Independent central gutter posts supporting heavy duty galvanised steel 280mm wide gutters

Multi Spans are available in 6.55m (21'6") & 8.08m (26'6") Spans.

Please refer to our leafet opposite, our complete Growing Houses brochure, or to discuss your individual requirements, please contact us.

Multi Spans Leaflet

Download Multi Spans Leaflet

Growing Houses Brochure

Download Growing Houses Brochure


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