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Polythene Polytunnel Covers

The Lumisol range benefits from the ongoing input of BPI Visqueen’s global research partners, working at different latitudes and in various climates all around the world - Benefits you can expect from Lumisol Polythene include:

Extending Seasons

Our work with both our research and development partners suggest that, for a range of high-value fruiting crops, Lumisol brings time to first pick forward and also extends picking at the end of the season. 

Hardier Crops

From young lettuce seedlings, through grafted vegetable plants and mature fruiting crops Lumisol has been shown to effectively improve the hardiness of a wide range of commercial crops. From thicker, stronger leaves to improved root: shoot ratios and much higher tolerances to transplant shock, crops grown under Lumisol are stronger by far.

Unrivalled Crop Quality

Lumisol actively manages the types of light entering the greenhouse to ensure maximum leaf, flower and fruit colouration coupled with the potential for improving taste, health related anthocyanin content and potential improvements in shelf-life.

Improved Control of Economically Important Pests & Diseases 

The control of economically important insect pests and diseases has traditionally been accomplished by the use of chemical pesticides or biocontrol methods. Joint research has helped BPI better understand the role of certain types of light in making the world’s major protected crops ‘hardier’ and therefore more resistant to both insect attack and disease infection. When designing Lumisol’s light transmission properties BPI ensured that those precise, beneficial wavelengths of light were transmitted into the greenhouse.

Temperature Control. 

Lumisol is manufactured in both Clear and Diffused formats. In addition to its ability to actively manage UV light, this new generation film range also encompasses beneficial temperature control attributes. In particular, Lumisol Diffused was developed using a formulation based on the original Luminance THB product which has a well-deserved reputation for being the most effective diffusing film on the market with both day and night temperature control built in.

Anti-Fog Properties

Lumisol offers built-in anti-condensation properties which help reduce the risk of fungal diseases such as downy mildew and botrytis cinerara. Thanks to its unique blend, Lumisol’s anti-fog characteristics help to control the condensation of water on the film surface. Providing the film is installed correctly, water will condense uniformly across it rather than as droplets. The risk of water falling on to the crop below is therefore reduced which is turn prevents the loss of light caused by droplets.  
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