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Giant Cloche

Giant Cloches have been specifically designed and refined as a major labour saving device for growing and hardening of plants.

Ideally suited to nurseries with low numbers of employees. The Cloches can be filled with a variety of plants from a very tender and young age.

With the rolling roof design the sides can be opened from ground level to the apex on both sides with a hand operated winding system. Therefore maximum  ventilation can be achieved and when the weather changes the vents can be wound down in position thus affording the crop good protection from frost and wind.

These units are available from 15' - 20' in width. With a hoop spacing of 10' they are available upto 70' in length.

Our Giant Cloches offer the following features:

  • Aluminium grip rail fitted to the end frames  
  • No timbers used or drilling required 
  • Heavy duty galvanised steel hoops sections (50mm diameter inner hoop & 35mm diameter outer hoop. 
  • C-section/ Grip Rail Ridge with 50mm diamater roller tubes. 
  • 10' Hoop spacings with 5' intermediate ends. 
  • Locking clamps available to mainain partial open (Optional Extra) 
  • All tubular steel used is z35 High Grade Structural Steel (55,000 psi Yield, 60,000 psi Tensile) and is galvanised inside and outside to BS2989
  • Purpose designed electroplated brackets
  • Braces are flattened and punched with spooned and trimmed ends for extra strength

Please refer to our leafet opposite, our complete Growing Houses brochure, or to discuss your individual requirements, please contact us.


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